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When you are in need of a fast and reliable Milwaukee towing company, contact Leader Towing and Transport Inc... Our technicians will be there to help you in a timely manner.

We provide towing services to the North Shore and greater Milwaukee area. We are also an authorized Western and Blizzard plow dealer as well as a Snow ex dealer. We offer transport services for vehicles to the Midwest region. Custom hydraulic hoses made in house.

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We Specialize In:

  • Light and Medium Duty Towing
  • Snow Plow and Salter Sales and Repairs
  • Hydraulic Hose Assemblies Made
  • Used Car Sales

Milwaukee Towing Company: A Helping Hand When You Need One

Every person that drives will most likely find themselves in need of a Milwaukee Towing Company during their driving lifetime. There are always risks involved with driving. These include mechanical problems with the car or unfortunately, even auto accidents. Vehicle problems and mishaps are common and the causes are many. A vehicle is liable to break down if it is an older model or has ongoing symptoms of problems.

Sometimes vehicles over heat in the summer or won’t start in cold temperatures. Still others may have more serious engine problems. Many newer cars and trucks now come with an internal computer system that warns of impending problems and may even prevent a vehicle from starting if the problem becomes serious enough. If you should find yourself with car problems a reliable Milwaukee Towing Company will help you out. They provide quality service for both car towing and truck towing.

Bad weather can make for some dangerous driving conditions, causing people to go off the road or end up in minor or even serious accidents. Adverse weather can account for a large number of calls to the Milwaukee Towing Company. Often these are minor accidents but when they are more serious, emergency services and police will need to be called. If you call a Milwaukee Towing Company and they are too busy they will make certain that help gets to you either through another towing company or emergency services to make sure you are safe.

Stranded Drivers can Rely on a Milwaukee Towing Company

It’s not too common to run out of gas these days since most new cars have a low fuel warning alarm. When a driver realizes that they are getting low on fuel, they’ll usually make a stop at the nearest gas station. It does happen though and drivers can find themselves out of gas and stranded miles from the nearest gas station. If they’re near a station, a Milwaukee Towing Company can bring gas to you, if not vehicle towing may be necessary.

Quite often the driver for the Milwaukee Towing Company has at least some mechanical skills. You may find your battery is dead when you come out of work in the afternoon. The tow truck driver will get your car started so you can be on your way home. If vehicle towing isn’t necessary, you will only be charged for the service call out. There are times when a vehicle just won’t start and if this happens the driver will give you a ride home, tow your car and either drop it off with you or take it to a garage. Your towing expenses will be taken care of if you have road side assistance through your insurance company or a membership program such as the American Automobile Association.

Milwaukee Towing Company: For Flatbed Trailer Towing

Flatbed or lowboy trailer towing is also provided by many companies. There can be a risk of damage when a vehicle is hooked to a chain. This risk is eliminated when trailer towing is used. Loading a car is a fairly simple task since the trailer rides low to the ground If you need to move equipment from one construction site to another, or transport forklifts, farm equipment or large vehicles, trailer towing is probably the best method. If a tractor trailer breaks down, truck towing may be the best option. The trailer towing service available through a Milwaukee Towing Company can be useful to an excavation or construction company that needs to transport heavy equipment. This can save on registration fees and insurance

Business Owners Need a Professional Milwaukee Towing Company

A professional Milwaukee Towing Company will also provide private property towing services to businesses and apartment owners. Vehicle owners, desperate for a place to park, will often use spaces reserved for customers or residents. When this happens legitimate customers and residents have no where to park. If you have this problem a professional Milwaukee Towing Company can help you out by taking the illegally parked cars from your property. This service rarely costs the lot owner anything.

The Milwaukee Towing Company will post state certified no parking signs on your property to let drivers know that if they park illegally, their car or truck could be towed. When you have an illegally parked vehicle on your property you only need to make a call to have it removed. The towing company will send a truck to take the vehicle off your property. The incident is detailed in writing, you are provided with a copy and the police are notified. The added benefit to having your property posted is that the number of the towing company is highly visible and provides 24/7 help to a customer or tenant in need of assistance.

Setting up a Patrol Service with a Milwaukee Towing Company

Property owners may also be able to set up a specific schedule for the towing company to keep a watch on their property. While the Milwaukee Towing Company won’t sit and guard your parking lot, they will do routine drive bys to check for violators.

If the Milwaukee Towing Company driver spots an illegally parked car he will report in to the supervisor. The supervisor from the Milwaukee Towing Company can decide if the vehicle should be removed. He will take all local parking laws into consideration when making his decision. It’s important that the company is familiar with local parking laws. If a towing company doesn’t follow these laws to the letter, the property owner could be faced with a law suit involving car towing or damage to a vehicle. The vehicle owner will then need to contact the Milwaukee Towing Company to reclaim his vehicle if it is towed.

From helping stranded motorists on the road to patrolling private property, a Milwaukee Towing Company will answer your call. You can rely on professional and prompt service from your local Towing Company.

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